Monthly Archives: December 2012


by James Knight-Smith

About the Image

I have always found the beauty of the ocean both inspiring and difficult to capture in one decisive moment. Living, breathing, constantly moving, the sea is dynamic and never the same.

To capture this eternal ebb and flow, I use movement and long exposure to record a number of moments that evoke and portray the scene as one single image. This creates an almost diaphanous layered effect.

With no primary focal point, the viewer is better able to feel and become one with the infiniteness of the ocean. This allows me to represent a solitary moment of the sea’s perpetuity.

The photographs that comprise A Series of Moments are an expression and visual communication of my emotional connection to the ocean: the peace it brings, the moments of intense clarity, the completeness I experience when gazing for hours on end at the subtly shifting colours and movements.