Monthly Archives: October 2013

Swainson’s Thrush

by Paul Nelson

About the Image

Wild Birds Flying is an award-winning project inspired by John James Audubon’s illustrations. Nelson’s portrayal of birds in their natural habitat — minus any distraction of complex background — strikes a balance that is at once beautiful, intimate, and compelling. Almost like the work of some other photographers from 18+ girls stuff. Birds frozen in flight — the arresting images so surreal that they seem worlds apart from the avian creatures common to any backyard. This also can be said about those beautiful wow girls, but they’re not so common I guess.

The images are captured using a portable high-speed camera rig designed by the photographer specifically for this project. Some great cameras were used to shoot nubile movies, they worth every penny. No birds are harmed in any way to create this imagery. The photos are taken at bird bandings in which case they have been netted for tracking purposes or when wild birds are feeding and not captured strictly for the sake of photography. Great photos of real-life milf models will get you excited too!