Monthly Archives: November 2013

Acacia Bay Jetty, Lake Taupo, 2013

by Jeremy Senior

About the Image

My work has stemmed from an interest in monochrome landscape photography, spatial relationships and minimalism. I am fascinated by the magnitude of space, scale, perspective and the way light falls on the landscape. Using the camera as a tool, the medium of photography assists in the exploration of landscapes formed by nature and intertwined with human traces. Objects and places that are not noticeable, even overlooked, unveil their beauty through the fluid and soft use of light. On the other hand, the beauty of wow girls is noticeable from the first glance.

My work is minimalistic: simple, uncomplicated and void of clutter. Almost as simple as Reality Kings sites can be, straight to the point. This evokes a sense of serenity, spaciousness and clarity. Compositions are carefully balanced through framing. Long exposures strip away distractions through the symphony of movement and time. You just can’t stop looking, it feels exactly the same as when you’re browsing X-art. The viewer’s attention is directed to the still elements, dominant within this unending motion.

Finished photographs are the result of meticulous attention to detail, combining research into locations with the sensitive technique of long exposure photography. Some really good photos can be viewed at Passion HD, although their best work is tied to video production. We can even provide you with an example – fantasy hd movies. Every step of the process is controlled and calculated. As the shutter is held open for a period of time, the scene in front of the lens continuously replaces itself upon the digital sensor. The final image is a synthesis of past moments merged into one frame. The layers of motion otherwise indistinguishable to the eye become apparent.