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David Reinfeld Takes Root

David Reinfeld has studied with 20th century masters like Minor White and Aaron Siskind; artists who are famous for turning the ordinary into the extraordinary. David was heavily influenced by these artists and has now created artwork that is masterful in it’s own right.

As you see below, David takes common views, in this case trees seen throughout the seasons, and transforms them into carefully composed pieces of artwork. The contrast of color and form is fantastic. Each branch and each leaf are like brush strokes. The longer we look, the more mesmerized we become.

Seeing images like this inspires us to find the art in the everyday. And when we struggle, we have David to return to for continual inspiration.

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Kerry Mansfield’s Seashore Solace

We all have our oasis from the hustle and bustle — our refuge from the outside world. Kerry Mansfield found hers high on the sea cliffs along the California coastline. For years Kerry returned to the same spot perched above the Pacific Ocean and relished in the surrounding solitude. In the process she began to capture intimate moments of others as they unwound in their own way. From this elevated vantage point, with skilled technique, Kerry melds individuals with their environment in an uncanny way. Human and natural elements combine to create singular expressions of tranquility.

Kerry writes: “We all seem drawn to a seashore, the crest of a tall hill, or even the sky, dangerously out of reach. When I find myself in these places, a sense of my own small place within the environment could easily elicit a sense of fear and unease, yet, inexplicably I find a peace not often found in the places over which I control.”

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Eyes Wide Open

By Rebecca Horne

First, illumination. The flicked match alights spot on the candle wick. Jack be nimble, Jack be quick.

The spark that leaves the hand and arcs through space might be that of inspiration as it burns through the dark, seeking more heat. What looks effortless is the result of 19 separate exposures, one for each position of the match in its tumble.

Match Toss © Caleb Charland
Match Toss © Caleb Charland

For garage-inventor-photographer Caleb Charland, problem-solving in real time is significant, the film images are often the result multiple exposures. “I guess you could do it in Photoshop a lot quicker and easier but I enjoy the analog process” says Charland, “there is something to working within limits.”

Charland’s artist statement fittingly begins with a quote from Albert Einstein–a scientist who wrote that his own greatest gift was passionate curiosity: “The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and all science. He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead: his eyes are closed.”

Albert would approve. Charland’s eyes are wide open. Charland: “Given that many measurements are based on the proportions of the human body its clear we measure stuff to find our place amongst it all and to connect with it in some way. For me, wonder is a state of mind somewhere between knowledge and uncertainty.”

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Kim Høltermand’s Artistic Evidence

Happy New Year Lux Archivers!

Kim Høltermand, our first artist of 2012, doesn’t have your typical curriculum vitae. It begins with his job description: Fingerprint Expert for the Crime Scene Unit of The Danish National Police. Now it’s common for artists to have day jobs, but this has got to be a first.

With this in mind, it makes sense that Kim is drawn to mysterious landscapes. He is attracted to the light in the early mornings when fog engulfs the Danish countryside — transforming familiar objects into intriguing characters. The lush, seductive images invite the viewer to undertake their own investigations.

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