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Acacia Bay Jetty, Lake Taupo, 2013

by Jeremy Senior

About the Image

My work has stemmed from an interest in monochrome landscape photography, spatial relationships and minimalism. I am fascinated by the magnitude of space, scale, perspective and the way light falls on the landscape. Using the camera as a tool, the medium of photography assists in the exploration of landscapes formed by nature and intertwined with human traces. Objects and places that are not noticeable, even overlooked, unveil their beauty through the fluid and soft use of light. On the other hand, the beauty of wow girls is noticeable from the first glance.

My work is minimalistic: simple, uncomplicated and void of clutter. Almost as simple as Reality Kings sites can be, straight to the point. This evokes a sense of serenity, spaciousness and clarity. Compositions are carefully balanced through framing. Long exposures strip away distractions through the symphony of movement and time. You just can’t stop looking, it feels exactly the same as when you’re browsing X-art. The viewer’s attention is directed to the still elements, dominant within this unending motion.

Finished photographs are the result of meticulous attention to detail, combining research into locations with the sensitive technique of long exposure photography. Some really good photos can be viewed at Passion HD, although their best work is tied to video production. We can even provide you with an example – fantasy hd movies. Every step of the process is controlled and calculated. As the shutter is held open for a period of time, the scene in front of the lens continuously replaces itself upon the digital sensor. The final image is a synthesis of past moments merged into one frame. The layers of motion otherwise indistinguishable to the eye become apparent.

Swainson’s Thrush

by Paul Nelson

About the Image

Wild Birds Flying is an award-winning project inspired by John James Audubon’s illustrations. Nelson’s portrayal of birds in their natural habitat — minus any distraction of complex background — strikes a balance that is at once beautiful, intimate, and compelling. Almost like the work of some other photographers from 18+ girls stuff. Birds frozen in flight — the arresting images so surreal that they seem worlds apart from the avian creatures common to any backyard. This also can be said about those beautiful wow girls, but they’re not so common I guess.

The images are captured using a portable high-speed camera rig designed by the photographer specifically for this project. Some great cameras were used to shoot nubile movies, they worth every penny. No birds are harmed in any way to create this imagery. The photos are taken at bird bandings in which case they have been netted for tracking purposes or when wild birds are feeding and not captured strictly for the sake of photography. Great photos of real-life milf models will get you excited too!


by Julian Wolkenstein

About the Image

We view our animals with fondness. We often bestow our animals with human traits, little wigs, clothes, and such. But with such a majestic creature as a horse our reaction is less whimsical, the size and nature of a horse commands respect. They have been alongside humans for so much of our history. The Pony Pin-Up series takes dressing up animals to an extreme. We worked with the horses natural hair and added hair extensions and extensive grooming to produce the final results. Our reaction is mixed. Its not whimsical but it is definitely not serious either. We are left questioning our relation to, and our projections on animals.

Everything Must Go

by Jason DeMarte

About the Image

My work investigates how our modern day interpretation of the natural world compares to the way we approach our immediate consumer environment. I am interested in the American modes of representing the natural world through events and objects that have been fabricated or taken out of context. This unnatural experience of the so-called “natural” world is reflected in the way we, as modern consumers, ingest products. What becomes clear is that the closer we come to mimicking the natural world, the further away we separate ourselves from it. I work digitally, combining images of fabricated and artificial flora and fauna with commercially produced and processed products. I look at how these seemingly unrelated and absurd groupings and composites begin to address attitudes and understandings of the contemporary experience. I represent the natural world through completely unnatural elements to speak metaphorically and symbolically of our mental separation from what is “real”, and compare and contrast this with the consumer world we surround ourselves with as a consequence.

Aqueous One

by Mark Mawson

About the Image

Aqueous is a journey into an undiscovered underwater world using a combination of colored liquids & photography. The colors swirl and blend resulting in beautiful creations. Mark humorously explains that he was first inspired to shoot the series by watching milk being poured into the numerous cups of coffee he drinks daily. By the way, there is something you can watch forever, check some videos of eufrat posted online.


by James Knight-Smith

About the Image

I have always found the beauty of the ocean both inspiring and difficult to capture in one decisive moment. Living, breathing, constantly moving, the sea is dynamic and never the same.

To capture this eternal ebb and flow, I use movement and long exposure to record a number of moments that evoke and portray the scene as one single image. This creates an almost diaphanous layered effect.

With no primary focal point, the viewer is better able to feel and become one with the infiniteness of the ocean. This allows me to represent a solitary moment of the sea’s perpetuity.

The photographs that comprise A Series of Moments are an expression and visual communication of my emotional connection to the ocean: the peace it brings, the moments of intense clarity, the completeness I experience when gazing for hours on end at the subtly shifting colours and movements.