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Our Story

  We created Lux Archive for one reason: to make it easy for you to buy fine art photography. Whoever you are, a seasoned collector or an art lover looking for their first great piece, you’ve come to the right place.


We’ve hand selected the best images from established photographers around the globe and have made those images available with prices starting as low as a hundred bucks. Each museum quality print comes with a certificate of authenticity individually signed by the artist. We sell only limited edition prints -- guaranteeing that you own a unique piece of art.


You may not like everything but we’re sure you’ll like something. Our mantra for curating photography is: good looks and great personality. It’s got to look good -- or what’s the point of having it up on your wall? And it’s got to engage the viewer. Lot’s of people can take a pretty picture but few can take images that also generate a response. That response is what art is all about. If it doesn’t move you, don’t move with it.


Did we mention that we’ve got good karma? The majority of our proceeds are given to the artists who create these works. So when you buy art from Lux Archive you’re directly supporting artists. That’s a good feeling now isn’t it?


One could spend a lifetime sorting through all the artwork in the world. Let us make that our life’s work. We’ll bring our best finds straight to your inbox. So sign up for email updates and join us on Facebook and Twitter to stay in the know about the new art we introduce each week.


Our Founder

Lux Archive was founded by Zack, a Brooklyn-based artist/entrepreneur who is an award-winning photographer himself. 


Zack launched Lux Archive after finding that the online art market was not only a brilliant way to bring art to a large audience but that it was also still in its infancy; and there was plenty of opportunity for new venues with different curatorial visions.

He had several goals in creating Lux Archive:

1. Create a venue where people can easily browse through fine art photography created by talented artists.

2. Make each artwork available in multiple sizes with multiple prices.

3. Add new work on a regular basis.

4. Offer great customer service and a hassle-free return policy so customers will want to buy art online.

5. Produce the prints in-house using premium materials to ensure quality and prompt delivery.

6. Pay the artists the majority of the profits.


A year and half later Lux Archive is now a reality!


We already have an incredibly talented group of artists and we can’t wait to introduce you to new works at affordable prices on a regular basis.


Go ahead, start browsing and let us know what speaks to you.